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Plumbing Tips During the Fall Months

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
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Most of the time, we forget about our plumbing systems at home until a new issue arises.  Some of these issues are small and manageable; but sometimes these issues can be detrimental and cost a lot of money.  From a clogged toilet drain to extensive sewer damage, Bison Plumbing has the expertise you need to avoid any fall plumbing issues.

The last thing you want is to get into the busy holiday season and have a random plumbing issue put a stop to all the festivities.  In order to help, Bison Plumbing can come out, inspect your plumbing, and continue to ensure your home and business is in tip-top shape.

Take a look at some of the things we’ll check for when inspecting the plumbing of your home or business this fall.

Check & Update Drain Filters

Once you give us a call to inspect, one fo the first things we’ll do is check the drain filters of your home or business.  These filters can accumulate a lot of grime in a short amount of time.  Check these filters every so often (like every month) to make sure they aren’t overly gunky at one time.  If you are continuing to see your filters accumulate drainage, the experts here at Bison Plumbing will know what to do if there is another issue with your filter or if there might be a leak.

Toilet Leaks & Cracked Pipes

If your toilet is acting funny when you flush, this might be a sign of a leak.  Remember: If you see water running down the sides of your toilet, this is certainly being caused by a leak.  These leaks should be taken care of right away to avoid bacteria buildup as well as detrimental structural issues.  Resealing toilet leaks will save you time and money!


Cleaning/Snaking Sink & Shower Drains

The plumbers at Bison Plumbing have the best tools and equipment to snake all the drainage sitting in your pipes.  From hair clumps to grease in the garbage disposal, there is no clogged drain we cannot fix!  No more standing in a small pool of water while you are taking a shower.  There might even be blockades way down deep in the the drains that even your everyday drain snake cannot get up.  Time to call the experts!

Monitor Taps Connected to Water Systems

Including outdoor plumbing, water heaters, and more, our technicians will check all faucets around your home and business to stop any drip and check for any leaks.  The interior valves for outdoor faucets will get switched so the water doesn’t remain in your pipes or in the faucets all winter long.  For water heaters, we’ll check to make sure there is no sediment buildup or rust causing any issues with your water supply.  Then, we’ll drain your heater and make sure its access to water is stable and there are no other internal leaks or issues.

Check the Sump Pump System

If your home has a sump pump system, we’ll check to make sure that it is clean and in working order.  One tip we can recommend you do in the meantime is to pour a bucket of water on it to see if the pump turns on and flows the water through it.  If this doesn’t work, or any other issues occur, please don’t hesitate to call one of our plumbing technicians.  There might be an issue unbeknownst to you that we could catch!

Bison Plumbing: Commercial & Residential Mechanical Services & Local Plumbers in Warren, MI

Since 1998, Bison Plumbing has provided fully insured, licensed local plumbing services and mechanical piping for homes and businesses with an unmatched customer experience.  We only use the best parts and supplies available to be able to perform at the best for our valued customers.  We are always making sure to stay ahead of the curve and regulated with all current mechanical codes and regulations set by the state of Michigan.

When Bison Plumbing is on the job you can rest assured that your job will be done right, on time, and for a fair price.  We do all kinds of plumbing repairs, including drain snaking and clogged drain repairs, sewer line replacement and sewer repairs, rooter work, and more local plumber work.

With your help and a little hard work, we can help keep our systems and infrastructures operating efficiently for generations to come.  Give us a call today at (586) 335-2238 or fill out our contact form for more information!

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