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What Not To Do With Your Garbage Disposal

Monday, November 23, 2020
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Bison Plumbing is a family-owned and operated plumbing service that specializes in commercial and residential plumbing sewer services in Southeast Michigan. We wouldn’t be the best sewer and plumbing service if we didn’t offer the best advice to our customers. One of the most common drain issues our clients face is problems with their garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals were made as a more convenient way to dispose of food waste.  They are powerful machines that grind different kinds of food wastes. For the most part, garbage disposals have no major complications, however, if you throw the wrong item down the drain, it can lead to some serious issues.

While we love helping our clients with their sewer and drain problems, there are some problems that can be prevented, which saves everyone some stress. To prevent a serious garbage disposal issue, we recommend not throwing the following items down your drain:

  • Banana peels

  • Bones

  • Coffee grounds

  • Eggshells

  • Nuts

  • Oatmeal

  • Oil/butter/ margarine

  • Onion skin

  • Pasta

  • Potato peels

  • Pumpkin pulp/seeds

  • Fibrous vegetables

  • Garbage

This list might seem like a lot of things that shouldn’t go down the drain, but if you can prevent yourself from doing so, you will save yourself a lot of hassle. Items that are oily in consistency like grease, butter, oil can cause serious blockages in your drains once they come to room temperature and harden. Putting grease down your drain can cause many problems that are very easy to avoid.

A good rule of thumb that we recommend is that instead of wasting extra food that hasn’t been eaten, try putting it in storage containers and saving it for the next day or put it in the freezer to have at a later date. The less food that goes to waste the better!

Taking these simple precautions every day, especially during the holiday season, can make your holiday celebrations and everyday life run smoothly. If you happen to do something that causes damage, know that Bison Plumbing is here if you need us!

Bison Plumbing: The Best Local Plumbers in Warren, MI

Since 1998, Bison Plumbing has provided fully insured, licensed local plumbing services and mechanical piping for homes and businesses with an unmatched customer experience.  We only use the best parts and supplies available to be able to perform at the best for our valued customers.  We are always making sure to stay ahead of the curve and regulated with all current mechanical codes and regulations set by the state of Michigan.

When Bison Plumbing is on the job you can rest assured that your job will be done right, on time, and for a fair price.  We do all kinds of plumbing repairs, including drain snaking and clogged drain repairssewer line replacement and sewer repairs, rooter work, and more local plumber work.

With your help and a little hard work, we can help keep our systems and infrastructures operating efficiently for generations to come.  Give us a call today at (586) 335-2238 or fill out our contact form for more information!

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