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What’s the Big Deal About Backflow Prevention Systems?

Wednesday, July 21, 2021
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I’m sure you know what a “One-Way” sign means when driving through a city, and we’ll have you know that it works for many parts of life – not just for driving! The same concept is used in the plumbing, by use of a backflow prevention system. A backflow prevention system protects potable water sources from contamination caused by backflow in a similar way. It's a one-way valve that allows water from a city's public supply to flow into a customer's pipes. It only allows water to flow one way and prevents anything from returning to the main water supply.

How do Backflow Prevention Systems work?

Backflow prevention systems work by ensuring that water only flows in one direction. This allows water from the city's supply to flow into your home's plumbing system while also preventing water from flowing backwards into the main supply. By stopping water from flowing back into the main water supply, it prevents contamination from occurring.

Main Types of Backflow Prevention Systems

Understanding the different sorts of backflow circumstances is essential for understanding how a backflow prevention system operates. Backpressure is the first sort of backflow. This happens when a water-using system has a higher pressure than the water-supplying utility.

The second sort of backflow, back-siphonage, occurs when the potable water system experiences a negative or lowered pressure as a result of an occurrence such as a water main leak. When there is a high-water withdrawal, such as when emergency workers are battling a fire or when the water main is flushed, another culprit that could cause this type of backflow is when there is a high-water withdrawal.

Do I Need a Backflow Prevention System?

The short answer, yes! If you want peace of mind knowing that your water is clean and stays clean, then a backflow prevention system is right for you. Backflow prevention systems can provide a strong line of defense for our communities against toxins entering our potable water supply. Water utilities will need consumers to install these devices on their side of the water meter before turning on service. Bison Plumbing in Warren, MI has helped businesses with enforcement and installation in the past.

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