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What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Drain

Friday, March 11, 2022
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While minor clogged drains tend to be a simple fix, it’s tough to tell just how seriously a drain is clogged until you’ve tried simple steps to clear it. For more serious drain clogs, like ones where there is a solid obstruction that’s tough to remove, you should leave the unclogging to a professional. Chances are, if you try the common DIY fixes on a seriously clogged drain, you’ll either cause more of a mess or some damage to your pipe. Avoid causing a bigger problem by avoiding these common DIY techniques that can actually damage your drain and pipes. Again, these are things to avoid with tougher clogs, not your simple small amount of hair that’s slowing down the water.

Don’t try store-bought drain cleaners

While a store-bought drain cleaner can help break down small amounts of hair and loosen up a minor clog in your drain, they are not equipped to handle more serious clogs. They won’t be able to break down solid obstructions, meaning you’ll be left with toxic chemicals sitting in your tub or sink. Plus, if some do get through, the corrosive chemicals can damage your pipes.

Instead, have a professional use a water jet to clear your drain or sewer lines. This method is not corrosive and doesn’t damage your pipes, but it is powerful enough to unclog even the most stubborn drains.

Don’t attempt to snake your own drain

It takes practice to correctly handle and maneuver a steel drain snake. You can buy one yourself and try it out, but the result can be frustrating and even dangerous. Chances are that your drain snake will get caught on things in the pipe or on the drain itself. When this happens, you won’t get the clog out, but you will break off slivers of metal that will sit in your pipes or in the tub and present a danger to you. You may consider using a straightened coat hanger, the old-school version of a drain snake. That would be a mistake as well since they are far less effective and can easily get stuck which would make the clog even worse.

Ask a professional for help with drain snaking, we can make quick work of a clog with a drain snake and do so safely.

Don’t use professional tools or power equipment

Unless you have experience as a plumber, don’t go messing around with your plumbing, or else you’re likely to do some serious and expensive damage. You wouldn’t go digging around in electrical sockets unless you knew what you were doing, and plumbing is not often a simple process either. Worse than causing expensive damage, you could end up hurting yourself in the attempt.

Professionals like the ones at Bison Plumbing have all the right tools as well as years of experience using them. We can take care of your plumbing issues, no matter what they are.

Bison Plumbing | Drain unclogging service and much more!

If you’ve got any kind of plumbing problem that’s beyond your expertise, please give us a call so that we can safely, effectively, and quickly get rid of the problem for you. A call to the experts can save you tons in further repairs and water damage that you might cause trying to fix a serious plumbing issue on your own. Our highly experienced technicians at Bison Plumbing have seen and solved every plumbing problem that exists, many times over. That’s why we earned the title of “Best Plumbers in Southfield” in 2021 from Expertise.com!

Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment or get a quote. You can call us at (586) 204-8679 or send in an online contact form to reach us.

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