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When Do You Need Hydrojetting? What Is It?

Friday, May 13, 2022
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Slow draining sinks are frustrating and can cause your sink to get grimy faster than usual. Plus, you have used water sitting in your sink that you’d like to see just drain the way it is supposed to. If you find yourself pouring drain cleaner often, and the problem keeps coming back, you may need a longer-term solution. Hydrojetting is more effective than a drain cleaner and can get rid of the problem that leads to regular drain clogs and slow draining.

What is hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is when your plumber uses a tool to shoot high-pressured water through your drain and down into the pipe. This water is directed around the edges of the pipe to clear out any debris that is stuck to the sides and causing clogs. Regular liquid drain cleaner can deteriorate part of a clog and let water through, but it doesn’t usually get rid of all of the debris in the pipe so the clogs come back quickly. Hydrojetting blasts this debris away completely and gives your drain and pipe a fresh start.

How does hydrojetting work?

Hydrojetting is something that should be left to trained professionals. While you can go out and get a hydrojetting tool, if you don’t use it correctly then the high-pressured water can break your pipes and require an expensive repair and cleanup.

Step 1

Your plumber will perform an inspection of the pipe system to determine where the major blockage is located, as well as the best spot to use the hydrojetting tool in. They may find that the area is not right for hydrojetting since there is too much risk of damage. In this case, they’ll end up snaking the drain.

Step 2

Once the plumber has decided where to place the tool, they’ll put the hose into your plumbing system and begin hydrojetting. The tool can blast water up to 35,000 PSI if necessary, but your plumber will adjust it to make sure it’s working safely and effectively based on your system. Once the water is flowing, it will clear out any debris sticking to your pipes and flush them out to the sewer system.

When do you need hydrojetting?

Here are common signs that you need hydrojetting to clear out debris from your pipes:

  • A foul odor comes from your drain
  • The sink backs up often
  • Water drains too slowly
  • Your drain clogs often even when you’re only draining water
  • Your drain makes a gurgling noise when draining

Bison Plumbing | Professional hydrojetting & plumbing services

If you’re sick of waiting minutes for your sink to drain, or tired of buying drain cleaner every other week, let our professionals at Bison Plumbing take care of your recurring clog the right way. Our pros are experienced in handling hydrojetting tools, we can quickly and effectively clear out any debris that’s stuck in your pipes and do so carefully, so your pipes don’t get damaged.

To schedule a hydrojetting appointment, give us a call at (586) 204-6576 or send in an online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away!

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