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Why Emergency Shut-Off Valves for Plumbing Are Important

Monday, June 6, 2022
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Wouldn’t you like to decrease the chances of your home’s pipes bursting and causing costly cleanup and repairs? Well, with emergency shut-off valves installed on your plumbing fixtures, you can do just that. Factors like corrosion, freezing weather, wear and tear, and clogs can all increase your chances of a burst pipe, and you likely won’t know about those problems until it’s too late. However, those are the only risks for a leak if there is water running through the pipes. With emergency shut-off valves, you eliminate that risk by keeping water out of the pipes when you’re not using them. Let’s discuss the benefits of emergency shut-off valves.

Decrease the chance of a leak when you’re not home

The fewer pipes that can possibly burst or leak when you’re not around to handle the problem, the better. Whether it’s at your home while you’re on vacation, or at a vacation property when you’re at home, a water leak means serious water damage that you’ll only discover once you get back there. Just think, on a three-day vacation, if a pipe bursts the first day you’re gone then water will be leaking for more than two days before you can address it. This means an expensive bill for repairs and cleanup and in the worst-case irreparable damage to your home. But, if you have shut-off valves in your plumbing, you can turn the water off when you’re not there and eliminate the chances of that pipe leaking into your home.

Cut down on water bills

Fixing leaking or burst pipes isn’t always simple, so often you need the help of a trained professional to truly address the problem. But there’s no guarantee that a plumber will have immediate availability. If you’ve got a burst pipe and have to wait a while, water will keep leaking and causing damage the whole time. With an emergency shut-off valve installed, you can cut the water off to the problem pipe and stop the leak while you wait to have it fixed.

Easier to locate leaks

If you’ve ever tried to find the source of a plumbing leak, you know how frustrating it can be. You can have to check all of the pipes in the area for dripping water, and even then the water could be running down another pipe and throw you off your search. With emergency shut-off valves, you can test pipes individually to see which pipe is leaking water. If you turn it off and the water stops, you’ve found the pipe.

Bison Plumbing | Emergency shut-off valve installation

Don’t leave your home susceptible to flooding and water damage, shut-off valves can stop it from happening. It’s a cheap and quick preventative measure that can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and a ton of stress. The expert plumbers at Bison Plumbing will have the valves installed in no time so that you can be assured of peace of mind.

To set up an appointment to have emergency shut-off valves installed in your home, get in touch with us today by calling (586) 204-6576 or filling out an online contact form.

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