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Simple Plumbing Improvements That Lower Your Water Bill

Friday, July 1, 2022
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If you’re sick of paying high water bills every month, then we’ve got some solutions for you. You don’t have to take drastic measures in cutting down your water usage. There could be some parts of your plumbing system that are wasting water every time you use them. We have some simple plumbing improvements you can make so that your plumbing system doesn’t waste water and cost you more money that you should pay.

Install more efficient shower heads and toilets

If you have an older model toilet, it could be one of the biggest water wasters in your home. Newer, low-flow toilets can use gallons less water per flush than an older toilet does. Multiply that times how often you flush your toilet in a month, and it could mean noticeable savings on your water bill.

Another area where people tend to wastewater is in the shower. Even if you take quick showers, your shower head could be using more water than you need it to. New low-flow shower heads can still provide good water pressure without using unnecessary amounts of water, so you can enjoy your showers without overpaying for them.

Replace your faucets’ aerators

Probably the most simple improvement you can make is ensuring that your faucets have working aerators on them. Aerators go on the tip of your faucet, and they tend to wear down or fall off over the years. With a new working aerator, your faucet will mix air into the running water to keep the water pressure up without using as much water as it could be.

Get a new washer and dishwasher

These are a bit more expensive improvements than the others on this list, but they can pay for themselves in the long run. Newer washers and dishwashers have to follow efficiency guidelines, so they can way outperform your decades-older washer or dishwasher in water efficiency. Consider how many times per week you run your washer and dishwasher, and the benefit becomes clear.

Fix any leaks or drips in your plumbing

Leaking pipes or dripping faucets are slowly wasting your water and your money. It doesn’t seem like much when you see a few drops coming from a faucet, but since it’s happening 24 hours a day all month, it’s going to impact your water bill. These kinds of fixes are simple and quick, and a professional can take care of them in a few moments. Also, remember that leaving these issues alone presents the possibility that they become a serious leak that causes water damage.

Bison Plumbing | Plumbing repairs and replacements

You don’t deserve to pay for wasted water in your bill every month. Bison Plumbing is here to help you cut out water waste and save money. We can improve your plumbing system, whether through repairs or replacements. Our expert team is quick and knowledgeable, there isn’t a single job we can’t handle perfectly.

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