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Why It Is Important to Hire a Licensed Plumber

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
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We know how difficult it is to encounter problems with your plumbing.  Especially now, it is hard to get a professional out to your home as soon as possible.  Here at Bison Plumbing, we want to assure you that fixing these things yourself might be the short-term solution.  However, this can cause additional problems, some even more severe and costly than you could imagine.

That is what makes hiring a professional local plumber so important in order to properly fix that leaky faucet or clogged drain.  We want you to know that Bison is equipped with the best expertise to provide quality services to our customers.

Take a look at the brief list below about why you should only hire a professional plumber:

Professional advice.  While the neighborhood handyman might know a thing or two about plumbing repairs, the professionals at Bison are known for not only fixing your issues but keeping you up-to-speed about what is happening.  We undergo regular training to make sure our skills provide only the most effective plumbing services at the lowest possible cost.

Reliable equipment.  A huge factor is that most plumbing jobs require specialized plumbing tools and may require the professional experience of a plumbing contractor to utilize correctly.  Before working on any DIY plumbing project, it is important for the homeowner to know that the work can be completed with the correct tools and parts, or the issue will branch off into several other issues.  Most importantly, Bison is a licensed plumber by the State of Michigan and are fully insured for the utmost reliability for our customers.

Keeping up safety protocols.  As with other trade jobs, accidents can occur in the plumbing business.  A certified plumber will be mindful of potential hazards, and our Bison plumbers have received training on how to mitigate the hazards.  A poorly trained plumber or a neighborhood DIY handyman will be lacking this qualified knowledge.  The most important factors of staying safe are using the correct tools, be mindful of the surroundings, finding and fixing extensive leaks, and identifying any other outstanding hazards.  Attempting to fix an ongoing issue in a short amount of time with the least amount of experience only equals a recipe for disaster.  If a homeowner is injured working on DIY projects, they risk not only their personal health, but also compromising their personal finances significantly.

30-day warranty guaranteed.  We offer a 30-day warranty with all standard drain cleaning.  Where we cannot offer a warranty due to the outstanding condition of the system, we will provide you with a written explanation and proposal for what is needed.

When Bison Plumbing is on the job you can be rest assured that your job will be done right, on time and for a fair price.  We do everything from drain snaking and drain repairs, sewer line replacement and sewer repairs, rooter work and more local plumbing services.

With your help and a little hard work, we can help keep our systems and infrastructures operating efficiently for generations to come.  Give us call today at (586) 204-8679 or fill out our contact form for more information!

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