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Hydro Jetting & Picotte

 What Is Hydro Jetting & Why Do I Need It?

hydrojettingHydro jetting is the go-to solution for long-term results and has become more increasingly popular within the drain cleaning field in recent years.  Hydro jetting is generally used when mechanical rods can’t successfully clear or remove a particular blockage such as grease, roots or mineral deposit.

A hydro jetter uses the force of water ranging from 3000 PSI (residential jetting equipment up to an 8” pipe) to 35,000 PSI (commercial equipment used for any line larger than 8”).

Standard drain cleaning equipment generally cannot properly clean a line once extended 100’ or further due to the weight of the cable and stress on the motor. The hydro jetter is just as strong and effective.  Whether it is cleaning a line 10 feet from the access point, or 210 feet from the access point, our quality equipment will get the job done.

While the jetter is a great resource for drain cleaning, there are some lines (mostly casted iron lines) that accumulate scale, heavy crust build-up, and/or rust along the inner walls. We offer what is called a Picotte machine.  This style of equipment is a point-of-use device that we can strategically scrape and clean inner walls of the line to nearly a factory finish by using specialty blades, scrapers, and attachments to complete the task.

 Complete Vactoring & Hydro Jetting Services

 Every hydro jetter or Picotte, successfully performed by Bison Plumbing, includes:

  • Free vactoring and hydro jetter estimates
  • Free video documentation of line after cleaning
  • One-year fully transferrable warranty

For large parking lot drains we also have access to large jetting and vactoring equipment. We will work with you to expedite the process and get your parking lot back to normal.

At Bison Plumbing, you get a full-service Michigan residential plumbing company that can repair or replace all your plumbing needs.  Estimates are always free! Call and make an appointment today!  We'll treat you like family and, "that's no bull!"

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