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Trenchless, “NO” Digging Sewer Repairs and Pipe Rehabilitation

 In 1998, when Bison Plumbing opened its doors, we made a commitment to set a new standard in our industry and allow our trade to progress with technology and hard work.  We are proud to say we are one of only a select few plumbing contractors in the metro Detroit area that offer pipe lining, pipe patching, and complete rehabilitation of sewer and storm lines.

 From Pipe Lining & Bursting to Pipe Rehabilitation

 In the past few years, the lining industry has really grown and has become more of a go-to, minimally invasive process of replacing, repairing, or rehabilitating pipes that have become structurally questionable or compromised.

 Pipe bursting is mostly performed when large obstacles such as porches decks, roads, and garages are located directly above a pipe that is severely damaged and cannot be accessed for conventional excavation.

 Pipelining and bursting have become a great alternative to conventional replacement.  This process can save you thousands of dollars in the restoration of the property.  The process is completely seamless, which in turn will prevent intrusion of roots, mineral deposits, and/or debris from entering your sewer system.  Cured-in-place piping (CIPP) is just as strong and durable as a PVC pipe and acceptable by the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC).

 Trenchless sewer repairs involve little-to-no excavation of one particular section of the sewer for the process of pipe bursting, installation of full-length liners, or sectional liner/liners.

 There would require an excavation both inside and outside of the building.  At this point, with the assistance of our quality hydraulic equipment, we could pull a new line through the old one from the point of excavation to the other without damaging or compromising structural obstacles.

 Sectional liners range from 2’, 4’, and 10’ sections and are generally used to isolate one particular area of line that has regular root intrusion, mineral deposit, or structural issues.  Full-length liners are fabricated piping – such as CIPP – installed from the access point of a sewer system to the end of the run being lined.

 *** At this time, we have the capability to line up to a 141’ x 6” sewer. ***

 Complete Piping & Sewer Repair Services Michigan

 If you are having sewer problems and you are being told your sewer needs to be repaired or replaced, please call Bison Plumbing for a second opinion.  Request a free estimate for pipe rehabilitation today and save your money and property!

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