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Mechanical Piping Services

Here at Bison Plumbing, we specialize in many aspects of the plumbing industry.  We offer a large line of services, one of them being the installation of mechanical piping in your home or business.  We take great pride in combining our range of experience in the industry with utilizing quality American-made materials.

General mechanical piping service, repair and upgrades – as well as conducting regular inspections for code compliance – Bison Plumbing has the solutions that you need.  The residential and commercial mechanical services we offer are, but are not limited to:

  • Underground gas line installations:
  • Barbeque pits
  • Pool heaters
  • Black pipe, trac pipe and ward flex
  • Garage furnace
  • Generators
  • Fireplaces
  • Whole home gas systems
  • Lanterns & more
  • Water system installations:
  • Water supplies to humidifiers
  • Residential and commercial water heaters (tankless or conventional)
  • Water heater and dryer exhaust
  • Sprinkler system supply
  • Single-story installations:
  • Chimney liners
  • Water heater roof kits
  • Water heater and dryer exhaust
  • Appliance hookups / conversions from electric to gas
  • Large-and-small water-and-gas meter assemblies
  • Air testing & more

 At Bison Plumbing, we use the highest quality parts and supplies and are up to date on all current mechanical codes and regulations in the state of Michigan.  Our “setting a new standard” policy here at Bison holds true in our mechanical division, as well.  We take pride in being responsible for your home and/or business’s safety and comfort seriously.  We will always provide a problem-free mechanical system, and that’s “NO BULL!”

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 **If you mention this blog post during your estimate, we will take 5% off job cost**

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