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What Is Hydro-Jetting & Why Would I Need It?

Monday, January 4, 2021
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If you constantly have clogged drains, or think there is an issue going on in your sewer line, there might be an issue deep within your drain line that the regular home or business owner cannot remedy.  Hydro-jetting is a process that will clear your sewers from grime, debris, hair, and other obstructions causing slow home or business plumbing.

Depending on the capacity of your drains and sewer lines, the process of hydro jetting itself is sending a stream of water into your sewer lines at a very high-pressure (usually between 3,000 and 35,000 PSI).  If consistent maintenance is ineffective — such as using drain cleaners or drain snaking — then hydro jetting your sewer lines might need the best option.

Ultimately, we will always inspect your pipes and sewer lines before operating our hydro-jetting equipment.  There might be significant blockages a lot further down in your lines, so we will always make sure that the high-pressure of hydro-jetting will take care of these hard-to-reach obstructions.

While a hydro jetter is an effective resource for drain cleaning, some sewer lines — like lines made of casted iron — accumulate scale, heavy crust buildup, or will rust within the inner walls.  Here at Bison Plumbing, we use what is called a Picotte machine, a point-of-use device that precisely scrapes and cleans walls of water lines.  This machine will leave your lines looking factory fresh and free of all sorts of depreciated material.

Complete Vactoring & Hydro Jetting Services

Every hydro-jetting successfully performed by Bison Plumbing includes:

  • Free vactoring and hydro-jetter estimates
  • Free video documentation of line after cleaning
  • One-year fully transferrable warranty


For large parking lot drains, we also have access to large jetting and vactoring equipment.  We will work with you to expedite the process and get your parking lot back to normal.

Whether you need full drain jetting, drain repairs, or sewer and gas line installation, call Bison Plumbing today.  We have the expertise to always get the job done right and on schedule.  Don’t continue to do your own kind of home plumbing… let the experts maintain your plumbing so a disaster doesn’t strike.  DIY plumbing is a lot more dangerous than you think!

Bison Plumbing: The Best Local Plumber in Macomb County

Since 1998, Bison Plumbing has provided fully insured, licensed local plumbing services and mechanical piping for homes and businesses with an unmatched customer experience.  We only use the best parts and supplies available to be able to perform at the best for our valued customers.  We are always making sure to stay ahead of the curve and regulated with all current mechanical codes and regulations set by the state of Michigan.

When Bison Plumbing is on the job you can rest assured that your job will be done right, on time, and for a fair price.  We do all kinds of plumbing repairs, including drain snaking and remedying clogged drainssewer line replacement and sewer repairs, rooter work, and more local plumber work.

With your help and a little hard work, we can help keep our systems and infrastructures operating efficiently for generations to come.  Give us a call today at (586) 335-2238 or fill out our contact form for more information!

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