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Get Your Parking Lot Drains Hydro-Jetted!

Wednesday, August 3, 2022
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Just like you maintain your business’s building, you need to maintain your parking lot, too. This isn’t just getting it resurfaced when it needs it. If your parking lot has drained to the sewer, then you need to keep an eye on them as well. Keeping your parking lot drains clear can save you tons of money in the long run since it will keep your parking lot in better condition than it would be if it floods regularly. If your drains are clogged and you need help clearing them, let the experts at Bison Plumbing come and hydro-jet your parking lot drains

What does hydro-jetting a parking lot drain do?

A hydro-jetting tool concentrates a stream of water at high pressures to blast out anything clogging a drain or plumbing fixture. It works on toilets and sinks, and it works on parking lot drains, too. When your parking lot drain gets clogged up with debris like leaves and sticks, it starts to flood the parking lot. A professional using a hydro-jet can quickly and powerfully clear your parking lot drain so that it doesn’t have a chance of flooding.

Why you should get your parking lot drains hydro-jetted

  • Keeps the lot clean – If your parking lot floods regularly, then once it dries it will be littered with whatever found its way into the standing water. This could be anything from leaves to candy wrappers that are left to sit in your parking lot.
  • Quick & easy – Hydro-jetting is a simple process for a trained professional. The experts at Bison Plumbing can clear your parking lot drains in minutes.
  • It works perfectly – There is almost nothing that could stay clogged in your drain against the power of a hydro-jetting tool. Hundreds of pounds of water pressure will completely clean out the drain.
  • Cleans the whole drain – Your drain clog might not be at the drain cover; it could be deeper in the drain. This is the perfect situation for hydro-jetting, as a long tube attached to the tool can reach far into the drain to hit the clog at its source.
  • Helps maintain your parking lot – Sitting water is not good for your parking lot. The more you let the water soak into the ground below the concrete and into cracks in the concrete itself, the worse the condition of your parking lot will get over time.

Bison Plumbing | Hydro-jetting for parking lot drains

If you want a quick, simple way to take care of a stubborn clog in your parking lot’s drain, then hydro-jetting is the answer. In no time at all, the drain will be functional again and you and your customers won’t have to deal with standing water in the parking lot.

To schedule a hydro-jetting appointment, get in touch with us now by calling (586) 204-6576 or filling out an online contact form!

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