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5 Ways to Know You Need Water Heater Repair

Friday, November 4, 2022
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With the cold of winter coming soon, there’s no more important time than now to make sure your water heater is ready to take on the added stress of increased use. There are plenty of ways that a water heater can begin to fail. They aren’t all immediate emergencies like a burst pipe, but they can lead to serious problems if they aren’t addressed in time. Keep an eye out for these five signs of a problem with your water heater so you can catch it before your water heater fails.

Leaking water

Any amount of water that leaks from your water heater are a bad sign. If it’s only a few drops at a time, you may think it’s okay to let go for a while. But the longer you let it go, the worse it will get until it becomes a full leak that can cause damage to your home.

Weird smell to the water

If your water gets an odor to it, especially one of rotten eggs, it will be clear that something is up. This is caused by mineral buildup in your water heater. Every water heater gets mineral buildup over time as minerals from the water deposit on the walls and bottom of the water heater. If enough builds up, it will start to contaminate the water and leave it with a smell.

Strange noises

It’s normal for your water heater to make some noise while it’s working. But if you notice new or louder noises, like tapping, banging, or creaking, it could be a mechanical problem.

Rust-colored water

If a water heater begins to deteriorate on the inside from corrosion, it will leak rust into the water and you’ll notice water from your taps coming out with a rusty color. This is an issue you’ll want to address right away, as rust is contaminating your water and making it unsafe.

Old age

Like any other appliance, there will come a day when your water heater is too old to be safe for use. Generally, water heaters last between 10 and 12 years before they need replacement. Even if your water heater isn’t currently having problems, if it’s gotten to this age you should consider replacing it. Beyond 12 years, there is a much higher risk of a serious failure that could damage your home or leave you without hot water.

Bison Plumbing | Water heater maintenance & replacement

You rely on your water heater a lot during the winter, so make sure you’ve set it up for success so you don’t find yourself with only cold water when temperatures drop below freezing. If you notice any of the signs we mentioned, call Bison Plumbing right away for help. Our expert team of plumbers can figure out what’s wrong and fix it ASAP. Please don’t get stuck without hot water when you need it most! Our experts can make sure your water heater is ready for its busy season.

Get in touch with us today by calling (586) 204-8679 or sending in an online contact form to schedule an appointment!

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